What are the lifestyle choices that stain your teeth the most?


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What are the lifestyle choices that stain your teeth the most?

Tooth discolouration is one of the most common problems people have with their teeth, with many people feeling like they have yellow teeth. We want to remind you that no one’s natural teeth are perfectly white. The good news is having yellow stains on teeth or tooth discolouration is, for many, a simple fix. Providing your teeth are healthy and there is no trauma, tooth decay or tooth death, it is likely your staining is surface level. The best way to remove staining is to have a hygiene appointment with your dentist, followed by professional whitening, which will help to lift staining and boost your smile.

What causes tooth staining?

Chromogen is a chemical compound that can be readily turned into a dye. This compound is found in richly coloured food and drinks, and if you think a type of food is likely to stain your clothes it will most probably stain your teeth too. Highly acidic drinks also cause enamel to thin, leaving it more vulnerable to staining.

which foods and drinks are guilty of staining our teeth?

Red wine.

Red wine’s acidic nature means that it can open the pores within your tooth enamel, creating the perfect environment for stains to form.

2. Tea.

Tea contains chemicals called tannins, and these are common culprits of staining teeth. You can reduce staining by including around 2% or more of milk into your tea.

3. Coffee.

Coffee contains the same chemicals as tea, and as many people drink their coffee black, coffee is considered one of the worst for staining teeth. Again, drinking a milkier version can help to reduce staining.

4. Fruit juices.

Not only can fruit juices destroy your enamel with high consumption, but dark juices such as those made from berries can also stain your teeth.

5. Fizzy drinks.

Fizzy drinks such as energy drinks can erode your enamel similarly to fruit juices. When our enamel becomes thinner your teeth will become duller or more yellow. This is because the tooth layer below your enamel, dentine, is yellow. Just one of the many reasons it is important to protect your enamel.

What else can increase staining on our teeth?
1. Smoking.

Another huge offender when it comes to tooth discolouration. There are two chemical compounds that cause staining, the first is nicotine and the second is tar. Nicotine, although colourless, in the presence of oxygen can turn teeth a more yellow colour. Tar is naturally dark and therefore easily stains teeth when it comes into contact.

2. Certain types of medication.

Unbeknown to many people, some types of medications may cause staining to your teeth. If you received doxycycline or tetracycline as a child it is possible these could have discoloured your teeth. Some other medications that may discolour teeth are blood pressure medication, antihistamines and antipsychotic drugs.

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