Can Gum Contouring Help With Gum Recession?


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Can Gum Contouring Help With Gum Recession?

Gum contouring can help with receding gums. Let's break that down together, but first, let's define what a receding gum line is and what gum sculpting or gum contouring is.

Let's start with gum recession: what exactly is it? Gum recession occurs when the gum line recedes, exposing more of the tooth root below the gum line. You may also notice the gums pulling away from the teeth, which can lead to pockets between the teeth and gums, which can fill with plaque and germs, causing gingivitis or gum disease.

What are some of the main causes of gum recession?
  1. Periodontal disease also known as gum disease
  2. Aggressive brushing
  3. Poor dental hygiene
How can we stop our gums from receding?

Because we cannot naturally reverse gum recession, it is critical that we take care of our gums. However, there are a few strategies to intervene to stop gum recession from progressing further, so while lifestyle modifications won't restore receding gums, they can help to halt or stop it. It is preferable to consult your dentist for specific counsel tailored to your needs however, if you are doing or have any of the following that causes gum recession, you should address this first. In summary, periodontist intervention, frequent hygiene checkups, lifestyle modifications, and, for those with severe gum disease, medication may be recommended are all possible treatments for receding gums.

What is gum contouring, and how does it work?

Gum contouring, also known as laser gum contouring, is the process of altering the look of the gums by removing extra gum tissue. Those with an uneven gum line or a 'gummy smile' are the greatest candidates for gum contouring. Gum reshaping can dramatically improve the appearance of a person's smile while also being extremely safe when performed by a specialist. While gum contouring is frequently referred to as a "gum lift procedure," there is another surgery included by the phrase "gum contouring" that may be beneficial to people who have significant gum recession. A gum transplant, also known as a gum graft, is a technique that involves replacing the gums. While this may sound unappealing, a little flap of skin from the roof of the mouth is removed and connected to the recessed gum area. Because your dentist will most likely use a local anaesthetic, the operation should be painless. It's also worth noting that the small flap of skin is quite thin, ensuring that you won't end up with a gaping hole in your mouth!

Is gum contouring something you should consider?

If you have minor gum recession, your dentist would probably recommend you to a hygienist for cleaning to keep the pockets around your teeth clean, but they may also refer you to a periodontist (someone who specialises in the gums.) When it comes to gum recession prevention, speed is crucial, so your dentist will not do a gum graft right away instead, they will work to stabilise your gums first. If you'd want to learn more about gum recession treatments, talk to your dentist. If they can't help, they'll send you to a periodontist who will.

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