5 reasons you should get dental implants


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5 reasons you should get dental implants

Are you worried about missing teeth? Do you have a missing front tooth? Regardless of where your lost tooth was, losing a tooth is unpleasant. Not only do you have to consider the impact it has on the functionality of your mouth, but it can also be an aesthetic worry for some people. But do not worry there are a few options when it comes to tooth replacement. Whilst there are removable options such as dentures for missing teeth, or fixed options like dental bridges, in this blog, we’re going to focus on the reasons why a tooth implant procedure may be the best teeth replacement option available to you.

Let’s start with what is a dental implant?

A dental implant is the surgical insertion of a metal post into the jaw bone, much like a tooth root would be, and then a prosthetic placed on top, which will look like a natural tooth. Dental implant placement is done through oral surgery that takes around 1-2 hours per tooth implant.

You will be given a full local anaesthetic and should only feel the pressure of what your dentist is doing and not the pain. Now we’ve roughly outlined what a dental implant is, we'll move on to why they’re so great! We have lots of blogs covering dental implants, if you’d like a more in-depth the idea of what an implant is, what the healing time is and the cost check out the rest of our blogs.

  1. Dental implants will prevent further bone loss.
    When we lose a tooth, over time the jaw bone that used to support the tooth root deteriorates and reduces in density, this is because our teeth create stability for the bone. Not only can this be bad news for the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, but when we have multiple areas of bone loss this can lead to a deterioration of the entire jaw bone. The biggest problem with this is that our jaw bone is what gives our lower face structure, and so losing density in our jaw can lead to structural problems.
  2. Dental Implants act as natural teeth.
    Yep! Dental implant treatment will make you feel like you are living with your teeth. Thankfully, unlike removable dentures, your implants will allow you to live life as you would have before you suffered tooth loss. It is a massive relief to many that they will not have to take their ‘false teeth’ out at night or have the task of additional cleaning routines. It’s also a huge benefit that your dental implants are as strong as your natural teeth, and therefore you will not be advised to avoid certain foods!
  3. Dental Implants have a long life.
    Dental implants are hailed as a ‘permanent solution ’ to missing teeth, they can last many years, or maybe the rest of a person's life. Your implants will last longer with better care, ensuring that you brush and floss your teeth daily, with frequent visits to your dentist.
  4. You can have more than one dental implant.
    Dental implants are not just for single missing tooth replacement, for patients with excessive tooth loss or entire tooth loss on an arch you can have what is called ‘ all on four dental implants ’. All four dental implants are amazing treatments that can transform someone’s smile in both an aesthetic and functional way. It’s also a common treatment for people with bone loss, as not each tooth needs to be replaced with a singular implant.
  5. Dental implant treatment improves your confidence.
    Last but not least, we cannot forget the confidence someone feels after having dental implants. Not only can a person smile with confidence, but they can also go about their daily life without concern.

To wrap up, dental implants and oral surgery are not something you should be scared of. Choosing a specialist oral surgery and dental implant centre can eliminate some of your concerns, as they should have a success rate of over 95%. When choosing a dentist to do your dental implants, we recommend asking about their success rate, and how many cases they have done. If you are looking to replace missing teeth, we strongly advise you to visit a chosen dentist and discuss your options.

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