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Dental Concepts Turns 7 Hazel Holmes

A superb baker, an excellent nurse, a patient treatment coordinator, a minor oral surgery lead nurse, and many more… are some of the titles given to one of our senior nurses at Dental Concepts.

As Dental Concepts turns 7 in September 2017, Hazel talks about her journey ..

“When I was invited to join DC six and a half years ago, my ‘interview’ was a nice cup of tea and a chat with Shilpa and Manish in a comfy little staff room, which is now surgery 2.

Manish I had known from connections with a previous practice.

Whitchurch was a little tired looking when I arrived, but from the moment I walked in to meet Shilpa and Manish that evening, I felt at home. There was a nice atmosphere.

I had just come from a brand new state of the art practice that lacked the character and charm that Whitchurch has.

Beginning work, I  was welcomed by many existing patients whom I knew and many patients from the surrounding area found out I had moved to Whitchurch and followed me to see Shilpa.

Whitchurch DC was just what the area needed!  So…Video tape was rolling , the cameras were clicking and we became famous!

I’ve worked with wonderful people past and present.  Sharing in birthdays, Christmas, weddings and birth celebrations.  Dressing up for Halloween while seeing patients was enjoyed by all .

There have been ups and downs, tears and laughter,  good decisions, bad decisions, working while knee-deep in rubble,  ringing a brass bell from upstairs for the next patient, such is the nature of the building of a new kingdom.

All made better by the eating of lots of cake !!

Well done Shilpa and Manish and all at DC

Happy seven-year anniversary.”

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