Got a question about replacing a missing tooth? Here are some answers!


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Got a question about replacing a missing tooth? Here are some answers!

Here at Dental Concepts in Hampshire we often see patients who are unhappy with their teeth. Sometimes this is because they have one or more teeth missing, creating gaps in their smile line, and making them feel self-conscious.

During an initial consultation, we do a thorough oral health check and discuss your treatment options. To help you, we have put together the top questions we are asked most frequently by patients who are considering replacing their missing teeth.

Dr Fadi Barrak works on our implant cases and has given many a patient a beautifully restored and functional smile. Amongst his many other dental qualifications, Dr Barrack was awarded the Diploma in Dental Implants from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Dr Barrak has a combined experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery in both hospital and primary care settings since 1994. He was, until recently Honorary Consultant at both West Middlesex and Ealing hospitals.

He is also a mentor for the Association of Dental Implantology and the International Team for Implantology. He has been placing implants since 1998, constituting over 90% of his clinical work. He has been with Dental Concepts as a visiting implant surgeon for more than 3 years.

Having always been interested in clinical education, he has had the privilege of mentoring numerous colleagues over the last 8 years who range from beginners to experienced surgeons.

Here are a few questions Fadi has answered for us:

Question: Does it hurt to get dental implants?

Dr Fadi Barrak: Dental implants will be placed under anaesthetic so you will not feel anything during the treatment. Afterwards, you might feel a bit sore for a few days but we will provide you plenty of advice on how to manage this with painkillers and a soft diet in the meantime. If you are nervous about the treatment be sure to let us know beforehand. We will be able to help you to overcome your fears or offer a sedative so that you don’t have to be awake during the implant surgery.

Question: Do your teeth get filed back when you get veneers?

Dr Fadi Barrak: There is an element of tooth filing involved in the preparation of teeth for dental veneers. This is to remove the shiny outside layer of the enamel in order to ensure the veneer can properly bond to the tooth and will only be a tiny layer the same thickness of the veneer to ensure it doesn’t stick out.

Question: Are dentures the only solution to missing teeth?

Dr Fadi Barrak: With all the technology we have available to us these days there are so many solutions to missing teeth that dentures are no longer the only option. Many people would prefer to avoid having dentures where possible because they can be uncomfortable or become loose during the day.

A permanent solution is preferable where possible, in terms of aesthetics as well as function. Removing your teeth and popping them in a glass overnight is not what we would class as sexy, so for many this just isn’t an option. Crowns and implants can provide the answer to the dilemma of missing teeth, and veneers can close smaller gaps due to chips, breakages or small teeth.

Here at Dental Concepts our team members Dr’s Manish ChitnisShilpa Chitnis, Fadi Barrak, Beena Assraff and Pranshanthi Dokuru have had the right training and knowledge to properly look after your teeth and to know whether the treatment is actually suitable for you and to carry it out without damaging your teeth or gums.

If you are interested in getting any of your teeth replaced, you will also be pleased to know that we offer FREE implant consultations worth £150!

If you have any questions, be sure to book an appointment with us today to discuss your options.

Drop into the practice at 67 Winchester Road, Whitchurch,, Hampshire, RG28 7HW or call us on 01256 893 517

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