What are white fillings?


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What are white fillings?

What are white fillings?

White fillings are a promising alternative to a silver amalgam filling. While silver amalgam fillings are traditional, having a white filling, to be quite frank, seems to offer a lot more benefits than amalgam fillings. Although white fillings are a bit more pricey and are typically considered a more exclusive procedure than one often received on NHS, most dentists highly recommend them. Numerous people are now replacing their silver fillings with white fillings as they are known for their longevity and aesthetic benefits.

How about amalgam fillings?

They are used to fill areas of decay in your teeth just as similar as white fillings. Many people opt to get them since they are commonly offered as an NHS treatment. As mentioned a while ago, amalgams are pretty common, so this procedure has been used for quite some time and is very useful. They are called silver fillings; however, they are made of elemental mercury with a mixture of other powdered metals such as silver, copper, and tin.

You may ask, though, are white fillings a healthy choice?

Tooth fillings are often opted for whenever we experience cavities and tooth decay as the filling helps protect a site of decay from worsening and prevent sensitivity and pain. They are generally used for patients with fewer areas of tooth decay rather than a deteriorated tooth that may require a dental crown or a cap placed over it to protect the remaining natural tooth.

So, when you are in a situation wherein you would think, "Hmm, I need a filling!" Which should you opt for? Here are some of the listed benefits of each type of filling that may help you decide:

Benefits of White Fillings:
  1. They are very discrete and colour-matched with your teeth, so you can smile confidently without worrying about it being seen!
  2. It preserves the existing tooth quite well and requires more conservative preparation than amalgam fillings.
  3. A white filling's longevity generally lasts up to 10 years, which is great.
Benefits of amalgam fillings
  1. They are beneficial in severe cases of tooth decay and are cost-effective.
  2. Its longevity lasts around 10 to 15 years.
  3. Amalgam fillings are suitable for the back teeth that are needed to endure the constant impact of chewing.

malgam fillings are suitable for the back teeth that are needed to endure the constant impact of chewing.

If you are considering replacing your fillings from amalgam to white, don't worry! We believe that you will not get disappointed. It is still best to consult your dentist first to ensure that you make the right decision, as your oral health is the most important thing when making these decisions.

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