What are the most common treatments for children?


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What are the most common treatments for children?

Need to take your child to the dentist for treatment but aren't sure what treatments they can get? It's a common problem for parents from time to time, so do not worry because you're most likely not alone!

We're going to cover some of the common treatments children can have so that you'll have prior knowledge about them whenever your child may need any of these.

X -rays

Although X-rays are not an invasive treatment, it is still likely to be taken by a paediatric dentist for your child's teeth. It gives your dentist a general idea of what is happening under your child's gums! X-rays are essentially an excellent tool as it is beneficial for the dentist to monitor how their teeth are developing.


Children are highly encouraged to create a healthy oral care routine to prevent their teeth from decay and cavities. Although, this does not entirely stop them as some children may still be required to get fillings. Fillings are typical amalgam, but they can still opt to have white fillings with a private dentist. The procedure for children is basically the same as with adults, but your paediatrician or general dentist would be more gentle and slow with your child.


Braces are probably the most common treatment in children's dentistry and orthodontics. They are also a minimally invasive treatment. Once your child's adult teeth have all come through, a dentist will most likely recommend they have braces to correct the alignment of their teeth. There are huge benefits to getting this orthodontic treatment as a teen or young adult because their softer jawbone tissue is still pretty receptive to repositioning. You may have the treatment with the NHS if the position is quite severe. However, you can also opt to get them done privately. Another option would be getting an Invisalign privately for older children or traditional metal braces.

Lastly, the dreaded tooth extractions.

This may or may not come as a surprise, but tooth extractions are a standard treatment for children. It may be one of these two reasons: your child's tooth may have become impacted or has grown in the wrong place, or it may also be because of dental neglect. Those with severely crowded teeth may need to have a tooth extracted to fit the braces. This should not be a feared treatment, as the procedure is painless.

The treatments or procedures above are 4 of the top procedures your child may need. However, there is no need to fear paediatric dental care or dental care with your family dentist; it shouldn't cause any stress! Needing a paediatric dentist may not be as essential as your regular dentist should be able to care for and cater to your children. But if, in any case, you need to see a paediatric dentist, it is usually easier to get one from your existing dentist's referral rather than searching for a 'paediatric dentist near me ' or a children's dentist near me online.

Children's dental care is generally prevention-focused. It is still advised to create good and healthy habits to prevent much of the need for invasive and scary procedures, which also ensures a positive relationship with the dentist.

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