Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Everything you need to know


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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Everything you need to know

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Everything you need to know

If you’re thinking ‘I need a smile makeover ’, or maybe there are some tweaks you want to make to ensure your smile is set to stun. The world of cosmetic dentistry can be daunting and we want to help you get a better insight into the world of cosmetic dentistry. We will be covering where you can get cosmetic dentistry, what to expect and that all-important the question is, what does cosmetic dentistry cost?

Firstly, what do we consider ‘cosmetic dentistry’?

Cosmetic dentistry is improving the appearance of a smile through a range of dental treatments. This may include brightening the colour, altering the shape or replacing missing teeth.

Why would someone want cosmetic dentistry?

There are so many reasons why someone might opt to have cosmetic dentistry. They could have had an illness that has deteriorated their smile, don’t feel confident when smiling or have a gappy smile / missing teeth. There is not a strict set of reasons, and often people that opt for cosmetic dentistry just want to smile freely and confidently.

Before you start googling for ‘cosmetic dentistry near me’ let’s chat about the possible cost of cosmetic dentistry. ‘Cosmetic dentistry’ is a really broad term that covers a huge range of treatments. Often the term covers these treatments: composite veneers, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, composite bonding and teeth whitening. As you can see, there are a lot of different treatments available there, covering different areas. Your treatment will be bespoke to you so it is incredibly hard to prepare you for the cost, as you may need a variety of treatments. What we can do for you, is break down the estimated costs of the treatment components above. Please take into account that the breakdown below is not reflective of any specific practice and this is a rough price, your treatment costs may vary based on the experience and location of your chosen dentist.

  1. Veneers tend to cost anywhere from £300 per tooth (for composite veneers) or £700 per tooth (for porcelain veneers.)
  2. Dental implants start from around £2000, for the implant placement and prosthetic. Some UK practices offer a dental tourism option allowing you to have partial work completed abroad with aftercare in the UK, such options usually lower the cost.
  3. Composite edge bonding starts anywhere from £150 per tooth.
  4. Crowns will usually mirror the price of veneers, and can also be made in the 2 different materials stated above.
  5. Teeth whitening generally costs anywhere from £350 for a dentist-approved home kit, while in-chair whitening is usually closer to £600.

Now we’ve covered the topic of a smile makeover cost (UK) let’s talk about the hot topic, cosmetic dentistry abroad. You may have heard people chatting about cosmetic dentistry in Turkey and other countries are recognised for cosmetic procedures. The truth is, dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular, despite the pandemic, many Brits are still travelling abroad for cosmetic dentistry, as well as other cosmetic procedures. If you are thinking about having a smile makeover, Harley Street is synonymous with excellence, whilst travelling abroad is considered the most effective way of having a new smile. We want to reassure you, that you can find medical excellence all over the world, whether you opt for Harley Street, a local cosmetic specialist or abroad, but it’s important to know travelling abroad does come with risks.

When looking for cosmetic dentists abroad, we recommend opting for a UK dental practice that offers dental tourism. This way you can save costs by having the expensive work done in a more economical country at UK standards, but you can also have your aftercare carried out in the UK. That well-known saying, buying cheap means buying twice comes to mind. When you opt for compromised standards you may end up with complications and more work, resulting in even more costs. Wherever you opt to have your treatment, make sure you are well looked after and safe.

What should you expect at your consultation?

When you’re looking to get any cosmetic dentistry, your dentist will first conduct a general exam. This will help them to make an informed diagnosis for work required as well as a treatment plan that suits their needs. They will also discuss with you what your expectations are from treatment and what you’re looking to achieve. Ideally, your dentist should make a couple of possible treatment plans varying in costs.

Let’s finish up on finding a trusted and respected cosmetic dentist. Some dentists can provide cosmetic dentistry and then there are specialists in their field. As always, simply searching for a ‘cosmetic dentist near me ’ will give you lots of options, both locally and further afield. You can then review the website and dentists you can find to see which you think suits your needs.

Another good idea is to ask anyone you know who has had extensive dental work if they’d recommend their dentist. When it comes to picking a dentist to do your cosmetic dentistry, before and after photos of previous cases are essential. Not only will this give you a great insight into the level of expertise but it’s a great way to discuss the shapes of the teeth you like if you are opting for a smile makeover. Best of luck on your cosmetic dentistry journey!

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