Can you wear dentures at night?


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Can you wear dentures at night?

Can you wear dentures at night?

Getting dentures for when you have missing teeth is pretty standard because not only are they great for the aesthetic of your smile, but they also play a crucial part in the functionality of your mouth. People often opt for dentures when the cost of dental implants doesn’t fit their budget. In the UK, high-end Flexi dentures cost around 50% of 1 dental implant, which means you can save costs by getting dentures instead of dental implants.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common question regarding dentures: Can you sleep with them?

To answer short and frankly, no, you cannot sleep with dentures. After having your dentures fitted, you will be most likely asked to keep your dentures on for the first 24 hours. The dentist may then adjust the bite needed, and you will be able to remove it once they are happy with the outcome.

You might be thinking, “how come I can’t wear my dentures at night?” here is a list of reasons why:
  1. Wearing your dentures at night will reduce your saliva flow, which can increase bacteria in your mouth. Not only will this risk your teeth decaying, but you may also be more vulnerable to pneumonia.
  2. Doing this may shorten the lifespan and usage of your dentures. Whether you have opted for partial dentures, complete dentures, or a Flexi denture, your dentures need a break. The acids in your mouth can cause too much exposure, which leads to a shorter denture lifespan.
  3. And lastly, even if it is the best fitting denture, this may irritate your gums, especially at night, so it is best to remove them before sleeping to let your gums have time to rest.

Overall, if you want a more permanent solution for replacing your missing teeth, we believe that getting dental implants is the best option for you so that you won’t have to worry about taking them in and out of your mouth. But if not, dental dentures can also be a way to go and is not all too bad!

When choosing a suitable denture for your needs, your dentist must be able to guide you to a denture that suits your budget and needs. All types of dentures, including affordable ones, are a good option if they make you feel comfortable and confident. You can ask for recommendations from your current dentist, search the internet for “dentists near me,” or visit an NHS practice if you are still looking for a dentist to help you create the perfect dentures for your ideal smile!

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