Benefits of composite bonding and after care tips.


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Benefits of composite bonding and after care tips.

If you’re looking for more information on composite bonding, you’ve hit the jackpot. We are going to cover the benefits of composite bonding, as well as how to look after composite bonding. We’ll cover it all in just a minute. First of all, we must define what composite bonding is, as there can be some confusion.

There are lots of nicknames for composite bonding, but what we’ll be discussing in this blog is composite edge bonding, also referred to as composite resin bonding or teeth bonding.

Like I said, lots of nicknames for the treatment. So what is composite edge bonding? Composite edge bonding is when a resin material (the same as that used for white fillings) is added to the edges of your teeth. This treatment is used to correct or alter the teeth in multiple ways, such as repairing chips, altering the length of the tooth or even closing gaps.

Now, what are the benefits?
  1. Composite bonding is time effective. One main benefit of composite bonding is that it offers quick results. The alternative to bonding is often veneers, veneers typically take much longer due to the design element and testing.
  2. Cost effective smile enhancement. Composite bonding is hailed as a relatively cost-effective treatment. The cost of composite bonding starts from around £150 per tooth, and the great news is you can have as little or as many teeth bonding as necessary. If you compared the cost of composite bonding against a veneer, you could expect to pay around half. The dental bonding cost does vary so make sure you double-check with your dentist what the cost will be.
  3. Non-invasive. Composite bonding doesn’t require extensive preparation, and therefore is preferred by those who want minor changes. Non-invasive treatments are ideal when possible to protect your natural tooth structure.
  4. Composite bonding is colour matched. One awesome thing about composite bonding is that your dentist will colour match the composite to your natural tooth shade. Whether you’ve opted for a whitening treatment or not, your composite will match the rest of your smile.
  5. Composite bonding can repair chips. One of the most common uses for composite bonding is to repair chips, chips in our teeth are common and can worry us for aesthetic and general reasons, chips and unlevel teeth can be repaired using composite bonding.
  6. Composite bonding can enhance your smile and make a huge impact. If you’re looking to alter your smile in an affordable and non-damaging way, composite bonding may be for you. Whether you’re looking to have dental bonding for gaps or to lengthen your teeth, your dentist can help.

Now we’ve covered the benefits, how should you look after your composite bonding? Firstly, try to avoid eating and drinking any staining agents within 48 hours after the procedure. This will reduce the amount of staining you experience. Good examples of what to avoid include curries, dark tea, black coffee, beetroot etc... Another way to look after your composite bonding is to address any issues you have with grinding. Many people grind or clench their teeth, and it can, unfortunately, reduce our tooth structure, the same will happen to your composite bonding. Your dentist may recommend a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth from this happening. While we’re on the subject of chipping teeth, avoid things like biting your nails, you need to be cautious doing things that may cause your composite to chip. Our last tip is to visit your hygienist and dentist often, they will be able to polish up your composite beautifully!

If you are looking for composite bonding, we recommend doing your research. A quick online search for ‘composite bonding near me ’ will leave you with a long list of dentists providing this treatment locally to you. You can then compare dental practices providing the treatment. When choosing your dentist we also recommend requesting to see their dental bonding before and after photos to give you an idea of their previous work and how often they do the treatment.

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