Orthodontics is a special training for those who have graduated in dentistry. An orthodontist is also a dentist but being a dentist doesn’t automatically qualify one to be an orthodontist. An orthodontist has two more years of study after graduating from dentistry.

Orthodontics primarily deals with poorly positioned teeth and jaws. We treat patients with improper alignment or position of teeth. Crooked teeth are more prone to germs because of ineffective brushing, to diseases and gum problems. The role of the orthodontist is to rectify these problems. Orthodontists will keep your mouth healthier, your teeth stronger, aid aesthetics and increase self-confidence.

When You Need An Orthodontist?

Determining the need for an orthodontist involves a comprehensive dental check-up and review of your medical history. Braces, while fashionable, serve a functional purpose and are not merely decorative. If conditions like overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline, gaps, or crowding are present, you may need orthodontic treatment. This involves using fixed or removable appliances to correct tooth and jaw alignment. Dental Concepts also offer Invisalign and incognito hidden lingual braces.

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