New Patients


New Patients

We are taking New Patients in Andover and Whitchurch.

However, NHS Registrations have now been paused for the year and patients can still join the practice by becoming a practice member for just £11.50 per month. Click Here to learn more about our Practice Membership

If you would like to register with our practice in Andover, Whitchurch or Sandbanks, Click On the Button Below

 Spread the Costs to be in Budget

We understand having dental treatment done is not always on top priority for most people and one of the main hurdle is the cost. We have tried to take care of that by offering some amazing finance options like 0% finance for 12 months! You can use our Finance Calculator to get an idea of the cost per month if you want to spread the investment.

Now get that sparkling smile for less and in budget. Let us know if you have any questions

Your Patient Journey with Dental Concepts

First Contact:

First contact from patient is through telephone 01256 893517 / 01264 313999 or email or coming in to the practice or through our contacts us page on website. Once they have made a contact we send out a practice information leaflet and register the patient with our practice.

Pre Screening

The first consultation appointment is made with our Treatment Co-ordinator who sits and listens to the patients ideas,concerns and expectations. During the pre screening the patient is offered a drink and various parameters like anxiety scales ,vital signs measures are recorded.

Dentist Consultation

The TCO then presents the case to the Dentist and he/she does a thorough examination of the patients oral health. A complete examination report is given to the patient alongwith a treatment plan estimate and details.

Reflection and Explanation of Treatment

Once the dentist has given initial explanation of all treatment options then the patient goes back with the TCO to the training room for a further detailed explanation of his treatment through leaflets,Videos,animations and demonstration models.

Confirmation and Payment

Patient confirms treatment and pays upfront for NHS treatment or 50% Advance for private treatment. The appointment is booked for treatment and patient comes back for the same.

Follow Up

Once the treatment is over the patient comes back for a follow up with another dentist who checks and signs off the work so that the team can confirm and reassure that everything is upto best practice standards or if there are any recommendations.


A specific time is decided depending on patients oral health status to review either in 6 or 12 months . Patients can contact us 24/7 through our dedicated 24 hours telephone service for any queries or emergencies.


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