Orthodontics is a special training for those who have graduated in dentistry. An orthodontist is also a dentist but being a dentist doesn’t automatically qualify one to be an orthodontist. An orthodontist has two more years of study after graduating from dentistry.

Orthodontics primarily deals with poorly positioned teeth and jaws. We treat patients with improper alignment or position of teeth. Crooked teeth are more prone to germs because of ineffective brushing, to diseases and gum problems. The role of the orthodontist is to rectify these problems.

Orthodontists will keep your mouth healthier, your teeth stronger, aid aesthetics and increase self-confidence.

How do you know if you need an orthodontist?

Some people tend to visit their dentist and ask to put braces on their teeth mainly because having braces is trendy or cool. But that should not be the case. Braces are not decoration, they serve a purpose.

After checking the status of your mouth or teeth condition, your dentist should be able to recommend you to an orthodontist or not at all. Your full medical history must be seen by your dentist and will request series of clinical exams, x-rays and photographs of your teeth and even plaster models of your teeth before they can conclude that you need to be examined by an orthodontist or that you must undergo an orthodontic procedure. Only then can your orthodontist agree if you should have braces or not for that matter. Our orthodontists will gladly discuss with you your preferences and match them to the ideal treatment plan that’s best for your case.

If you have overbite, under bite, cross bite, open bite, misplaced midline, gaps between your teeth and teeth crowding, you might be a candidate to be seen by an orthodontist.

Fixed and removable appliances are used to put pressure on the teeth and jaws for it to move according to its correct position. Although braces are the most common fixed appliances, there are also special fixed appliances which are attached to the teeth using bands to control sucking of thumb or thrusting of tongue. Fixed space maintainers are also used to keep a space between teeth open until a permanent tooth grows.

Some of the removable appliances include aligners, lip and cheek bumpers, removable retainers, jaw repositioning appliances and removable space maintainers.

Dental Concepts also offer Invasalign treatment or invisible braces and incognito hidden lingua braces.

Invisalign (invisible braces) treatment

Invasalign straighten teeth without causing too much attention to your teeth. Most of the people using this kind of braces are celebrities. These are removable, comfortable for use and custom-made.

Incognito hidden lingual braces

These are the modern and invisible alternative to conventional braces. These are placed at the back of the teeth instead at the front.

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