Broken Teeth


Broken Teeth

What can cause a broken tooth?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have a broken tooth, we’re sorry to hear that! Broken teeth can occur due to accidents, impact injuries or even fracture lines in the tooth. If you do have a broken tooth it’s important to act appropriately to reduce the risk of further damage with dental treatments.

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What can be used to fix a broken tooth?

For minimally broken teeth options such as composite bonding or a filling may be appropriate to build up the area of breakage. In more severe cases of broken teeth, repair options usually include crowning the tooth, which involves placing a cap over the tooth for complete protection from further breakdown. A root canal may be required to clear any infection prior to placing a dental crown .

What can happen if a broken tooth is left?

Broken tooth pain can be quite severe depending on the amount of tooth that is left exposed. While some breaks can be relatively painless, those that leave the pulp (inner part of the tooth that contains nerves) exposed mean that the tooth is at risk of Here infection means and it’s likely very painful. Infection could mean that a root canal treatment may be required to surgically remove the infection if antibiotics are ineffective, or as a worst case scenario tooth extraction. This is why dealing with it quickly is essential. So we advise you to deal with dental treatments for such painful broken tooth.

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